About Beaumont Human Resources team

Beaumont Human Resources’ range of professional services can help your business manage its people while also ensuring it meets its legal obligations. Our business and consulting experience has been gained across a wide range of industries, and we are well placed to understand your needs.

Proactively seeking advice from a human resources consultant could help you avoid issues in the future. We can work with you to address potential problems by reviewing your policies and procedures, including your hiring process. We offer training to you and your staff in key areas such as bullying and harassment and equal opportunity, which can contribute to reducing the incidence of these events in the workplace.

We’re also here to help you when things go wrong. For example, if you have an employee that is not meeting their work obligations – maybe they’re turning up late or not meeting their KPIs – you might want to explore your options from working with the employee to improve their performance through to employment termination. We can assist you in dealing with bullying or harassment complaints and WorkCover claims. We’re here to help you manage any HR situation for the benefit of your business and its employees, while also ensuring you are meeting your legal obligations as an employer.

By engaging Beaumont Human Resources, your company will have access to a service you can call or email anytime to find out if your company is doing the right thing by its employees.

“We help you get the most out of your team to benefit your business. We take the stress out of workplace issues.”


Human Resources Specialists in:

  • Industrial Relations
  • Dismissal
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Occupational Health

Industrial Relations

There are set terms and conditions for workplaces, with minimum conditions enshrined in legislation and Modern Awards. We can help you understand these REQUIREMENTS and how best to respond to any enquiries or problems.

  • Employee classifications
  • Modern Awards
  • Leave entitlements
  • Flexible work options
  • Back pay claims
  • Contracts
  • Strikes
  • Public holidays and employee rights
  • Unions
  • Enterprise Bargaining Agreements
Beaumont Lawyers Human Resources


Unfair dismissal claims can be stressful and costly. Let us help you ensure you are meeting your obligations when dismissing an employee.

  • Warnings
  • Small employer requirements
  • Claims from ex employees
  • Instant dismissal
  • Absenteeism
  • Employee conduct on social media
  • Minimum employment periods
  • Policy drafting and review

    Equal Opportunity

    Workplace diversity will bring many strengths to your business, and the law requires you to ensure your staff (including potential staff), clients and customers are not subject to discrimination. We can help you with any equal opportunity issues.

    • Managing formal complaints
    • Dealing with matters before they escalate
    • Bullying and harassment prevention
    • Policies and processes
    • Reasonable accommodations
    • Flexible work arrangements
    • Protected attributes
    • Interview processes
    • Sexual harassment
    • Training

    Bullying & Harassment

    Employers have a responsibility to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace. We can help you with training, improving business policies and responding to complaints.

    • Sexual harassment
    • What is the difference between bullying and harassment?
    • Federal and State laws
    • Bullying or harassment claims
    • Reducing bullying, harassment and discrimination
    • Parents returning to work
    • Employee conduct on social media
    • Reasonable accommodations


    WorkSafe & WorkCover

    Nobody should get hurt in the workplace, yet many do. We can help you understand your obligations as an employer.

        • Prevention
        • WorkSafe expectations
        • New employees, apprentices and young people
        • Drug and alcohol testing
        • Personal protective equipment
        • First aid
        • Work parties
        • Bullying and the law
        • Liability for contractors and labour hire
        • Policy drafting and review
        • Training
    Beaumont Lawyers Human Resources

    Work Cover

    WorkCover claims can be confusing for both employers and employees. Let us help you navigate the process.

        • Claims processes, including accepting the claim, filling in the employer form and liaising with WorkCover authorities
        • Steps to take when an employee is injured
        • Return to work
        • Liability for injuries from former workplaces
        • Return to work plans
        • Payments
        • Policies, including recruitment of new employees
    Sheena Kane

    About Sheena Kane from Beaumont HR

    Sheena Kane has provided business advice and consulting on industrial relations issues for more than 15 years. After graduating from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Commerce she worked with the Victorian Employer Chamber of Commerce and Industry as an Employee Relations Specialist. She now uses her vast experience across a number of industries to work directly with employers to assist them with their Human Resources needs and people management.

    Living and working in East Melbourne means Sheena understands the needs of her local business community.

    In addition to a Bachelor of Commerce, Sheena also holds qualifications in Management, IT Management and HR Management.

    “I enable managers to have peace of mind when dealing with their people issues. I am passionate about supporting others to do the right thing by each other.”

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