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Chin Hakha Holhlettu Rianttuannak

Beaumont Lawyers Mooroolbark zung cu kan naihniam a ummi Chin Hakha mibu hna caah phunglam lei bawmhchanhnak pek dingah timhcia tein kan um. Chin Hakha mibu hna he pehtlaihnak ttha ngeih ding zong kan saduhthah a si.

Phunglam lei herhhai cu mahle nuhrin holh hmanh in theihthiam a har ngai tawnmi a si. Cucaah kan sihni pawl nih cun thil sining nan i fian khawh nak ding le biakhiahnak ttha tein nan tuah khawh nak hnga a herhning in caan an laak lai. A buaibai deuhmi a si ah, silole nanmah holh tein biaruah na kan duh ahcun, a man tlawm te laak in Chin Hakha holhlettu kan in laakpiak lai.

Thiamsang kan sihni hna he ton na duh ahcun kan zung ah pehtlaihnak rak kan tuah. Holhlettu na herh ahcun na kan chawnh tikah theihternak tuah dingin kan in nawl hna.

Mirang holh in reception ah 03 9726 9822 ah rak kan chawn, silole a tanglei pehtlaihnak ca hi hman khawh a si.


About Beaumont Lawyers Hakha Chin Interpreter Service

Beaumont Lawyers’ Mooroolbark office is available to support the local Hakha Chin Community with their legal needs. We are focused on continuing to build a positive relationship with the Hakha Chin people.

Legal matters can sometimes be complex or difficult to understand, even in your first language. Our lawyers will take the time needed to help you understand and make a decision. For complex matters, or where you will feel more comfortable speaking to us in your preferred language, we offer a Hakha Chin interpreter service for a small fee.

Please contact our office to arrange an appointment with one of our expert lawyers. We request you advise us when booking an appointment if you would like us to arrange an interpreter.

Please either call our friendly English speaking reception on 03 9726 9822, or use the contact form below.



Chin Hakha Holhlettu Rianttuannak

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