The Expertise You Need, To Get The Result You Want, With The Care You Deserve

The Beaumont Group offers you access to specialists providing services in legal, cashflow, industrial and business consulting.


About The Beaumont Group

The Beaumont Group is a unique professional services business based in The Eastern Corridor of Melbourne.

We offer a range of professional services to people and businesses based on a single critical value:

We help you to find and implement the most relevant solution to your pressing need.

The Beaumont Group consists of teams of professionals who are both passionate about, and experienced, in their own specialist fields.


Our different professional teams can help you find the right solution across a range of issues:

  • Business Advice – covering legal and operational issues
  • Industrial Advice – covering safety assessments, training and evaluation
  • Cashflow – ensuring you have the cash you should, when you should
  • Personal Advice – offering legal solutions when you need them for family, property, probate, wills or general litigation.

Our unique business approach provides you with a “one-stop legal service” so your personal, legal and business needs can be resolved by experts you have learned, through experience, to trust.


Our experienced teams live our common values:

  • Client Focused – we work with you to resolve your issue by finding the most appropriate solution
  • Solution Driven – we use our experience & expertise to help you find and decide the best result for you
  • Relationship Conscious – we actively seek to build robust and caring relationships
  • Quality Advice – we update our knowledge, share experiences and grow our abilities – so we can exceed your expectations every time.

The Beaumont Group exists to provide quality advice and service in a timely manner because we know that is what our clients tell us they want.

Our experience continually shows us when we focus our experience and talents on your issue, supported by a robust relationship between us, we are better able to craft the most appropriate solution for you –  AND we identify the best path for you to follow to get you to your intended result.

“The Expertise You Need, To Get The Result You Want, With The Care You Deserve”